Unfortunately, we (Marantec) currently have a shortcoming:
A graphic with an organization chart is displayed in Linchpin Touch.
Unfortunately, however, it cannot be enlarged, regardless of whether I use PNG, JPG or PDF.
I call up the graphic via a link in the right sidebar.
That means the org chart is always scaled down to the page size of Linchpin Touch.
Is there a possibility to display a graphic in full screen mode via Linchpin Touch? Maybe using a specific macro?
// Posted this request on behalf of Kay Dues from Marantec
Addition: While images and pdfs can be enlarged, they will always stay within the frame of Linchpin Touch. The solution here would be to add the option to tap on a picture and really have a full screen view of it. An overlay that comes to the front and uses as much screen space as possible, not showing the Linchpin Touch Sidebar, Footer etc.