Linchpin Intranet Suite 4.0
New features
  • Find the right people easier than ever with the new people directory search and filters. Almost all profile field types are now searchable, and the search results update in real-time.
  • Show org charts in the people directory for one or more top-level users.
  • Use the new org chart macro to display team structures on any page.
  • Link image modules in your news magazines with internal or external content
  • Remote & hybrid events: Remote and hybrid events now use an indicator to show what type of event it is. Additionally, there's a new event field that can be used to provide a videoconference URL to all event participants.
  • Share events to Microblog: Users can now share events directly to the microblog by creating a new post from the event hub or event macros. The post displays all event information and offers a way to sign-up with one click.
  • Integrated health checks for the Linchpin Mobile Gateway and Java Keystore
Linchpin Intranet Suite 4.0
  • We have deprecated the field type "LDAP". Use text fields with LDAP data source instead, see
  • When changing a profile field with LDAP or XML data source, you can start a sync right from the configuration page. We will also remind you that in some cases it's useful to deactivate the incremental LDAP sync.
  • When configuring profile pictures to be retrieved from URLs, you can directly check the availability and run the sync. Also, users can start the profile picture sync for themselves from their profile when they see that profile picture and small avatar don't match anymore.
  • We clarified the configuration of LDAP directories and incremental sync a little bit.
  • Set the logo image of your system much more intuitively and easier than ever before
  • Adapt the order of sidebar modules to your needs and increase the usage efficiency
  • Color the teaser macro in neutral grey
  • Adds color support for an upcoming feature of Linchpin Events
  • Use news macros in the tabs our partner app Aura has introduced recently
  • Email notifications now contain additional information about the respective event.
  • Logging improvements in Linchpin Mobile
  • Improvements for Confluence comments in the Linchpin Mobile app
  • Content and attachments of microposts are displayed separately, which makes the usability and visibility of the content clear and simple
  • Image gallery for consistent appearance of images in the microblog (1-4+ Images)
  • Videos can be loaded as players via video URL
  • File attachments are attached to a micropost as a file list and can be easily downloaded
  • Multi-Upload of files is now possible via Drag&Drop and the upload buttons
  • A new and easier to use preview of images was implemented
  • Changing the Microblog Topic afterwards is now possible
  • Caching optimization for data center
Linchpin Intranet Suite 4.0
  • Allow translating the Linchpin Onboarding module content again.
  • Fields of type "user" now correctly display the full name in the profile macro or vcard.
  • We don't display placeholders anymore when you can't edit your phone number.
  • Several visual fixes.
  • Fixes the wrong font color on primary buttons, which incorrectly corresponded to the configured link color
  • Fixes a bug that caused external links with a hash sign to be cut off
  • News teaser images will now always be upright, no matter which way you held your camera
  • We improved the color differences between the states of the Like icons in Corporate and Personal News Feed
  • This release fixes an issue with event cards flickering when accessing the event hub.
  • This release fixes a rare issue that prevented users from adding an event macro to a page.
  • This release fixes a security issue with email notifications.
  • Fixed problems with deleting spaces in Microblog
  • New apps are immediately visible across all nodes in data center.
  • Changes to visibility filters immediately apply.
  • Problems with internal app links in search results on instances with context path
  • This release fixes a crash issue for users of Internet Explorer 11. In order to prevent future issues, events shared to the Microblog are only being displayed in a reduced variant for users running IE 11.
  • This release fixes an issue with Microsoft SQL databases resulting in no events being displayed after upgrading from a previous 3.x version of Linchpin Events.
  • This release fixes an issue with Microsoft SQL databases resulting in no events being displayed after upgrading from a previous 3.x version of Linchpin Events.
  • We talked to the Teaser macro and convinced it to only display its preview once.
  • When editing a page and searching for text, occurrences now reliably scroll into view.
Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.4
New features
  • We redesigned Org Charts to look better and include more information in one place.
  • The Blueprint Creator is now also part of Linchpin Enterprise News and allows to create blueprints for your news
The full list of changes and bugfixes is available in our release notes.
Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.4
  • The Microblog received a redesign and looks more modern now.
  • You can generate direct links to events now.
  • We renamed the Linchpin Assistant into Linchpin Pings.
The full list of changes and bugfixes is available in our release notes
Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.4
  • Editing profiles does not make you scroll a lot anymore.
  • Searching for hashtags when uppercase letters are involved works properly now.
  • You can now configure the "Linchpin Teaser" macro when Navitabs is installed.
The full list of changes and bugfixes is available in our release notes.
Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.3
New Features
  • Edit your profile within the mobile app.
  • The "Cover Stories" macro has two new one-row layouts.
  • The user profile API is open to read and write data into profiles now.
Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.3
  • We completely renewed the profile configuration. It's faster and easier to use now.
  • We increased the performance of news and added caching for news.
Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.3
  • The Content Responsibility macro now works correctly, even if collaborative editing is turned off.
  • Filtering country select fields in the people directory works correctly now.
  • You can sort the "Customized User List" macro by fields that are not displayed.
  • We fixed a display error concerning the time of some events.
Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.1
New features
  • Onboarding: New users can be offered spaces to subscribe to for their personal news feeds.
  • Assistant: Each notice can be scheduled to only be shown once for each user instead of being shown repeatedly.
  • Assistant: Each notice can now have a start and expiration date. Prepare notices in advance and don't forget to disable them when they lose relevance.
  • The people directory now includes a filter option. You can search users based on their profile field values, like spoken languages, software expertise etc.
  • Users are now able to upload a header image to their profile.
  • First steps in supporting profile field data coming from identity providers (IdPs) via third-party apps: You can decide which profile fields should be filled by an IdP.
  • Theme Wizard: Upload a logo, set a primary color and your theme is up and running.
  • New content modules for the Linchpin Sidebar: All updates stream, open Confluence tasks, open Jira issues.
  • New configuration for the Linchpin Sidebar so you can decide which content modules to show and which to hide.
  • Added compatibility with "Aura" app.
  • When using Bitvoodoo's view tracker 5.7.0 or later, unread news in our news macros and hub are marked.
  • Directly access news categories from the news hub sidebar.
  • News categories are now compatible with Linchpin Translations which is included in the Linchpin Suite and allows translation of news category names.
  • Added measurement of anonymous usage information of news teaser (see detailed information on this page).
  • Our mobile app has received an appealing and modern design of the user interface.
  • Vimeo video playback is now supported in the mobile app.
  • We added support for the read-only mode in Confluence Data Center instances for our mobile app.
  • Added support for mobile user management of their own connections to a Confluence instance directly in our mobile app. This allows users who have received push notifications multiple times or lost a mobile device to remove outdated or insecure logins themselves. For more information, please visit
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