Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.0
New Features
  • Define the language of any Confluence page, blog post or space.
  • Create translations of any Confluence page or blog post.
  • Link all translated page with each other.
  • Choose between translations via drop-down menu placed directly on the page.
  • Get notified whenever a translation in your language is available.
  • You can add local images via drag and drop now.
  • You can also add images by pasting an image URL.
  • Pasting web-images from the clipboard is possible now.
  • Add YouTube and Vimeo videos by pasting the url.
  • By default, new events are visible to all registered users. Optionally, each event can be restricted to members of any Confluence space.
  • Event editors can now be defined based on individual users and user groups.
  • The creator of an event can be displayed inside the event now, so that participants can contact them.
  • Cover images can be added directly from the Unsplash image database when editing an event (only available if this option is enabled by administration).
  • The "Apps" macro is now also available for mobile use and allows Linchpin Mobile users to access their favorite apps when on the go.
Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.0
  • The Language Manager is available for server and DC instances now.
  • The "Custom User List" has a pagination now and the performance has been improved.
  • The avatar display of the "Content Responsibility Macro" has been improved.
  • We have made technical improvements to ensure sustainability.
  • We improved the PDF export layout for pages containing the "Custom User List" macro with text area profile fields.
  • We improved the support for videos and images.
  • Small screen sizes received a better support.
  • Event editors always have access to all event functions - even if there are restrictions in place.
  • The "Sign me up" button is hidden for events for which the registration is not allowed.
  • We improved the protection against XSS attacks.
  • In Linchpin Theme, we clarified which custom landing space entry will apply to a user.
  • We clarified which custom landing space entry will apply to a user.
Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.0
  • All language names should be displayed in the correct Confluence language now. Please note that this was a Confluence bug.
  • The display of search results in the "Custom User Search" macro has been corrected. Previously it could happen that they were positioned incorrectly on the screen.
  • When using a custom language pack to translate profile field and category names, the system's default language is now used as a fallback when no translation exists for a user's language.
  • Until now, the OrgCharts did not show users when the capitalization of the user profile field was done incorrectly (as in: different from the actual user name). This has been fixed to use a case-insensitive lookup. Superior and subordinate users are now displayed properly, even if "JaneDoe" is entered as "janedoe".
  • We fixed an issue with file uploads to Confluence pages failing on rare occasions.
  • We also fixed an issue with Oracle databases that prevented displaying any events in the system.
  • Sometimes, pop-ups were positioned way off, for example when mentioning someone. This has been corrected in the new version of Linchpin Theme.
  • We also fixed some optical issues with the Linchpin Theme plugin.
  • We have fixed an optical issue concerning the "Cover Stories" macro in combination with Bitvoodoo's Navitabs.
  • We resolved a bug that caused attachments to break on edit (only affected Confluence < 6.15).
  • We resolved a bug that broke @-Mentions on edit.
  • Addressed a bug causing the configuration not to load
Linchpin Intranet Suite 2.0
New Features
  • Add personalized content to a page or dashboard based on a user's profile
  • Works with any kind of content a Confluence page can possibly have
  • Highlight active item: Highlight the active menu item using CSS.
  • Easy enablement for menu: Now you can easily control if and in which cases the menu bar should be shown (also for space schemes).
  • News Magazines: Aggregate thematically related news from all over your Confluence to create dedicated news magazines, flexible and visually attractive. Please reindex your system for all changes to take full effect!
  • New scroll navigation: Thanks to a new scroll navigation for the news feed macros, these macros won't get longer and longer anymore when browsing through previous news, so layouts with news feed macros won't break.
  • New design for news tiles: Refresh the look of your Linchpin and display news tiles in Cover Stories and the News Hub in a new and modern full-image design.
  • Reworked public app section for branded apps: Get more information on how to make use of this feature for your company's branded app over at You can find the updated terms of use for branded apps at
Linchpin Intranet Suite 2.0
  • Confluence 7 ready: This version of the Linchpin Intranet Suite is fully compatible with Confluence 7.
  • Configuration changes concerning news sections, news categories, magazines and the news portal are documented using the Confluence audit log.
  • New editor: The Microblog has received an all new editor, which improves the overall user experience.
  • Optimized file size of images posted to the microblog in order to prevent timeouts during upload.
Linchpin Intranet Suite 2.0
  • The Content Responsibility macro now works correctly when Confluence's collaborative editing feature is turned on.
  • We fixed a display error that occurred in combination with the Linchpin Sidebar.
  • We fixed a problem with PostgreSQL and migration tasks.
  • Fixed the custom welcome message showing up at the wrong spot, while Terms of Use was active.
  • Made avatars show up in the info overlays of the space directory when confluence has a context path.
  • The Linchpin Suite used to replace the logo of the instance. Now, we only replace the logo if no other logo is configured.
  • Fixes a styling issue with the create button when a user has no create page permission for the current space.
  • When searching for spaces in the space directory, archived spaces that match the search criteria will now be found.
  • Footer links with special characters in their title have no longer the potential to corrupt the configuration.
  • We improved several margins. Your content now has more horizontal space and header/footer elements have better alignment.
  • Icons from the right sidebar won't show up anymore when printing pages.
  • When you are mentioned on a page, this mention now will have the correct color.
  • Logo images should not be cut off anymore on the login screen.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented proper use of news magazines for users with Internet Explorer 11 and Confluence lower than 6.7.
  • Fixed multiple issues with displaying Events in Linchpin Touch.
  • Fixed an issue with tabs in an event's detail view when running Confluence 7.
  • Fixed an issue with events being deleted when permanently deleting Confluence pages that the event was linked to.
  • We fixed issues with profile filters in Confluence 7
  • Fixed an issue with some news content not being rendered correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the header bar disappearing when attaching an image to a microblog post when running iOS 13 on iPhone X or later.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented proper use of Linchpin Assistant with Internet Explorer 11.
  • Better support for some custom macros on Linchpin Touch
Linchpin Intranet Suite 1.2
  • If there is a custom user directory added as user profile data source it is now always used as target for the data backsync feature. We fixed an issue where this directory has been ignored in some cases.
  • On instances with more than 500 spaces you can now choose from all spaces if you want to assign space layouts. In previous versions only the first 500 spaces were available for selection.
  • Fixed the view mode switch button in the space directory that was not appearing on IE11 .
  • Removed unnecessary title of sidebar icon SVGs.
  • Put sidebar icons in their place so they no longer poke through search and inline dialogs.
  • The kicker in news tiles (Cover Stories and News Hub) is displayed with the correct color again.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a duplicated event from applying the original event's categories automatically.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an event losing all category information when entering edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the sign up button being displayed for an event the user was already signed up for.
  • Fixed an issue with event sign up not being reflected correctly when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fixed an issue with the event macro not being displayed due to a zone.js library incompatibility.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an infinite loading spinner when trying to insert an event macro into a Confluence page.
  • Fixed an issue with the event macro configuration not loading properly when opening up the dialogue for the first time.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying user images in 'Individual user list' macro in the wrong size in the mobile app.
Linchpin Intranet Suite 1.2
  • Anonymous Access
    : We further improved anonymous access to your Linchpin Intranet and added a bunch of error handling mechanisms as well as specific hints and customized information for anonymous users.
  • Data Center Approval:
    Linchpin Intranet Suite versions 1.1.5 and above are officially approved for use with Confluence Data Center by Atlassian. Since this is the first feature release after the approval we just want to remind you of this fact once again (Lächeln)
  • You can now insert the Content Responsibility macro in blueprints.
  • You can now add profile fields of the type "phone" to the user profile fields modules in Onboarding and Assistant. Until now only the field types "text", "select" and "multiselect" were supported. Thus a further step towards better maintained and high-quality user data is possible.
  • We have improved the output of profile and user information related macros for anonymous users. Until now, only general messages and messages that were not comprehensible to the user were displayed in the case of no meaningful output.
  • With some custom CSS, you can now display the date a blog post has been last modified. See our admin documentation for details.
  • Deleting own microblog posts is now possible even if replies exist.
  • The microblog's timeline macro sidebar state automatically adjusts when content width changes.
Linchpin Intranet Suite 1.2
New Features
  • Mobile user list macros
    : The Custom User List and My Contacts macros are now supported when viewing Confluence with a mobile device or using Linchpin Mobile.
  • Customizable login screen
    : You can now add a custom background image and welcome message to your Linchpin's login screen.
  • Spaces macro
    : Display a selection of spaces using the same filter types you can find in the space directory. You can also display multiple categories together or a group of individually chosen spaces.
  • Mobile teaser macro
    : All variants of the teaser macro are now supported in Linchpin Mobile.
  • Centralized personal news subscriptions
    : Let your users show and manage their news subscriptions right in the news hub. You don't need to have a Personal News Feed macro for that anymore.
  • Refined sticky news
    : Define in which spaces the sticky news feature is available – and who can use it. No more clogging of news feeds because everyone makes their news stick to the top.
  • Mobile news macros
    : We have improved the display of our news macros in Linchpin Mobile and the mobile Confluence view. They now show a link to the appropriate sections.
  • Topic sidebar
    : We introduced the option to show a topic sidebar in the timeline macro view. By doing so users can switch between different microblog topics even quicker in order to stay up-to-date.
  • Extended mobile security
    : Access to individual instances via this app now requires a personal PIN code. Confluence administrators can enable this feature for their instance via Linchpin Mobile admin panel in Confluence. See our admin documentation for details.
  • Disable mobile page access
    : Confluence administrators can now disable mobile page access via Linchpin Mobile. This setting can be edited for each instance via Linchpin Mobile admin panel in Confluence.