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Compatibility with Confluence Dark Mode
Atlassian is planning to offer a dark mode or dark theme for Confluence Data Center in 2024. It's already available as a dark feature (no pun intended :D) but there seems to be a bit more work to do. Nevertheless, it will be coming. Will you want Linchpin to be compatible with a dark mode? After all, it will probably interfere with the corporate design that a lot of Linchpin customers want to display in their intranet. Please vote for this issue if you want us to make Linchpin compatible with Confluence's dark mode / dark theme. To clarify the issue a bit more: Confluence itself will offer users a choice between a light and a dark theme. So, it's not something an admin decides for everyone, but every user chooses for themselves. "Light theme" is the way Confluence looks now. "Dark theme" will be a black background, and all the other elements adjusted in color so everything is still readable. With Linchpin, we introduce a lot of elements, that as of today don't work well with a black background. I attached a few screenshots to show what I mean. If we want to support the dark theme with Linchpin, it will be a bit of an effort to adjust all the colors when the dark mode is in use, and maybe offer admins a way to configure the Linchpin theme for Light and Dark Mode seperately. While we are willing to do that, we'd like to get a feel for how important this issue is to you all, compared to all the other feature requests, so we can prioritize accordingly.
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