We're trying to get adoption of the User Profile macros so that they're used across our Confluence, in an effort to prevent personnel information from being presented in a way that has to be manually maintained. A ​typical snag we run in to is that content creators want the profile images/avatars of the people included in any of the LUP macros to be larger than the default of ~60px, both for aesthetics as well as accessibility. This is especially important when trying to display the leader of a team or department on that groups Home page.
What would be most ideal is if, as a global admin, I could set a default size (in pixels) for avatars that appear within LUP macros., such as "Profile" or "Custom User List". This way we can still ensure consistency across the environment.
Or, if that's too complicated, being able to control them within the macro itself would also suffice.
At minimum, we'd primarily want this improvement for the "Profile" macro - the others are nice-to-have.