Linchpin Intranet Suite 4.0
  • We have deprecated the field type "LDAP". Use text fields with LDAP data source instead, see
  • When changing a profile field with LDAP or XML data source, you can start a sync right from the configuration page. We will also remind you that in some cases it's useful to deactivate the incremental LDAP sync.
  • When configuring profile pictures to be retrieved from URLs, you can directly check the availability and run the sync. Also, users can start the profile picture sync for themselves from their profile when they see that profile picture and small avatar don't match anymore.
  • We clarified the configuration of LDAP directories and incremental sync a little bit.
  • Set the logo image of your system much more intuitively and easier than ever before
  • Adapt the order of sidebar modules to your needs and increase the usage efficiency
  • Color the teaser macro in neutral grey
  • Adds color support for an upcoming feature of Linchpin Events
  • Use news macros in the tabs our partner app Aura has introduced recently
  • Email notifications now contain additional information about the respective event.
  • Logging improvements in Linchpin Mobile
  • Improvements for Confluence comments in the Linchpin Mobile app
  • Content and attachments of microposts are displayed separately, which makes the usability and visibility of the content clear and simple
  • Image gallery for consistent appearance of images in the microblog (1-4+ Images)
  • Videos can be loaded as players via video URL
  • File attachments are attached to a micropost as a file list and can be easily downloaded
  • Multi-Upload of files is now possible via Drag&Drop and the upload buttons
  • A new and easier to use preview of images was implemented
  • Changing the Microblog Topic afterwards is now possible
  • Caching optimization for data center