Linchpin Intranet Suite 4.0
New features
  • Find the right people easier than ever with the new people directory search and filters. Almost all profile field types are now searchable, and the search results update in real-time.
  • Show org charts in the people directory for one or more top-level users.
  • Use the new org chart macro to display team structures on any page.
  • Link image modules in your news magazines with internal or external content
  • Remote & hybrid events: Remote and hybrid events now use an indicator to show what type of event it is. Additionally, there's a new event field that can be used to provide a videoconference URL to all event participants.
  • Share events to Microblog: Users can now share events directly to the microblog by creating a new post from the event hub or event macros. The post displays all event information and offers a way to sign-up with one click.
  • Integrated health checks for the Linchpin Mobile Gateway and Java Keystore