Linchpin Intranet Suite 4.1
  • We fixed display errors within the People Directory, related to the Confluence search returning duplicate users.
  • We fixed the handling of multiselect fields in LDAP syncs.
  • We fixed compatibility problems of the Content Responsibility macro with Linchpin Mobile.
  • We fixed templating side effects which could cause lots of exceptions being written into the application logs.
  • We consider 0 to be a valid reply limit value in the timeline macro now (i.e. display no replies by default).
  • We fixed UI issues within the theme configuration dialog.
  • We fixed a wrong cache behavior which occurred after using the wizard in Confluence >=7.10.
  • The "Linchpin Teaser" macro browser will display the selected URL again when you edit the macro.
  • We fixed an issue with wrong colors of labels within the theme configuration of spaces.
  • We fixed an issue related to colors of 4th level elements within the menu.
  • We fixed a bug related to height restrictions of the header background image.
  • Anonymous users can submit news for approval (if permitted) now.
  • The "Spaces by category" macro doesn't eat dashes in space descriptions anymore.
  • News intro texts can now contain "<" and ">".
  • This release fixes an issue where videoconference links for remote and hybrid events were not displayed in the microblog.
  • This release fixes an issue with the event calendar displaying events that did not match the filter criteria.
  • This release fixes an issue that resulted in full-day events not being visible in the event hub to users in some timezones.
  • This release fixes some more minor issues with the event calendar.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented Google Chrome from downloading participant lists of events whose title contained a comma.
  • We fixed a bug in which long video conference links were not saved correctly.
  • Deleted apps no longer break the "Apps" macro.
  • An error flag is no longer displayed to anonymous users on the dashboard.