Linchpin Intranet Suite 4.1
  • We changed the display names of the modules used within the onboarding assistant to their descriptive names.
  • We added a tooltip containing the technical module key. To show the tooltip, hover your mouse over the module's name.
  • We optimized the search of text fields within the People Directory, allowing for exact searches and better search results.
  • We prevented an exception in logs when Linchpin User Profiles is being used together with "eazyBI Reports and Charts for Confluence".
  • We allow multiple value tags in XML syncs.
  • We improved the URL mode for profile pictures.
  • We have improved the display of the "Linchpin Teaser" macros. They are more useful on multi-column dashboards now.
  • We added a help text to the "Linchpin Teaser" macro body to improve the user experience.
  • We improved the performance by enabling browser caching and optimizing the logo and header image.
  • We added a live preview for Linchpin Enterprise News colors within the configuration.
  • In version 2.12, we introduced large caches for news feed results. They were very ineffective and did more harm than good, so we replaced them by more granular caching.
  • The "Create news" button in the News Hub is only visible when you can create news.
  • The "Web Feed" macro in URL mode now only allows URLs that are in the Confluence allowlist (if it is activated).
  • Event Calendar: The Event Calendar has been updated to a new technical foundation to prepare it for future development.
  • Signup performance: Improved performance when signing up for an event that already has a couple of hundreds of participants registered.
  • You can now configure for the "Event List" macro whether the event categories should be displayed or not.
  • With this release, we are preparing fundamental changes regarding the technical basis for sending mobile push notifications, which we will complete with a release of our mobile apps for iOS and Android later this year.
As soon as the final schedule for the transition is available we will inform all customers about any necessary steps in advance; In addition, we will also make all relevant information publicly available at