Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.0
  • We fixed issues in the user data update for select fields.
  • The avatar image is updated reliably after uploading a profile image in Confluence 7.11 and above now.
  • We addressed an issue that sometimes caused the user mention autocomplete to break in IE11.
  • New topics automatically created by the "Microblog Placeholder" macro are handled as if they were created manually now.
  • We improved the handling of shared pages and events in Microblog mails (e.g. notifications or the daily digest).
  • We fixed a display bug which affected the "space or topic" filter within the Microblog portal.
  • We changed the sorting of landing spaces in the database query to prevent reordering of said landing spaces on system restart.
  • We fixed an issue in which an event was still displayed despite deleting the location information when filtering by location in the Event hub.
  • We fixed an issue which caused some text labels not to be accessible to screen readers when creating an event.
  • We fixed issues concerning Confluence search requests in certain Java versions.