Videos are becoming more and more important in internal communication. It would be good if you could embed videos in Confluence and output them optimized for different devices. While a high resolution is desired in the LAN, such a high resolution is not needed on mobile devices. It would be nice if the video resolution and data rate of the video is reduced depending on the resolution of the end device and the mobile reception.
For this a mechanism is needed to convert the videos and embed them in Confluence. Due to the potential size of the videos, attachments in Confluence would probably not be the best choice.
Maybe MPEG-DASH or HLS would be possible technologies. This could provide a video on a web server in different resolutions. The player then dynamically switches between the different resolutions. However, the support of the end devices is problematic here. Additional JavaScript-Video-players may be required.
For reasons of data protection and confidentiality, the video should not be hosted by a public video hoster.