A tool for converting a Page to a Blog, and vice versa, would be incredibly useful for users who accidentally create content as the wrong type, and don't want to lose traction or engagement such as comments, likes, views, incoming links, etc.
This option would ideally appear in the ellipses (...) menu when viewing the published content. It would create a complete conversion, not a duplicate of the content which requires the original to be deleted. It would also maintain the engagement such as Likes and Comments.
Since the Create button defaults a Page in Confluence, that is what our users are most often creating. However, with the introduction of Linchpin News, we're experiencing growing pains in supporting users trying to shift habits in order to have their important updates appear in the News Streams.
Currently there's no great tool that does this on the Atlassian Marketplace so I think Seibert has a good opportunity to create something that loops in nicely with news and potentially BPC. The one app that was specifically focused on this is not compatible with Data Center and was also quite buggy.