The existing macros "Custom User List" and "Custom User Search" are two of the oldest macros in the whole Linchpin Suite, and as such they are in dire need of a refresher. Also we have quite a few feature requests and bug reports regarding these two.
After evaluating the possibilities we decided to not rework those two but leave them as they are. Instead, we want to introduce a fresh new macro that combines both user listing and user search and is based off of the much more recent implementation of the user directory.
That way, we don't have to migrate all the old macros to a newer version, which very likely would cause all sorts of problems and possibly break existing uses. Instead, the existing pages with macros on them can stay functional while you test out the new macro.
The first iteration will inherit the settings from the user directory (think columns of the list view, available filter options). In further iterations we plan to add more possibilities for the macro, so it might show different filter options or a reduced set of columns in the list view. For that, we'll rely heavily on your feedback - so if you are interested, keep an eye out for this and test the new macro when it's available :)